Study abroad in Ecuador

Just a few of the pins on my Ecuador board :)
Just a few of the pins on my Ecuador board :)

I just finished the scheduling process to travel to Ecuador for my class in May! I’ve been dreaming about this trip since the fall of my freshmen year when my Spanish professor told our class that he taught one of the much talked about May Term study abroad classes.

In high school, I had done a project on Ecuador, and since then always had visiting there as one my major bucket list items. It was more one of those things you hope you find some crazy way to be able to do it, but never really think that it will actually happen to you.

Thanks to my mom encouraging me to apply for every scholarship I could, I earned the opportunity to have up to $3,000 dollars for a spring term trip during my time at Hanover.

At the time, neither of us really knew what the scholarship entailed, just that I needed to apply for any and all that were available. When I received the invitation to visit campus and take part in the scholarship competition, I finally realized that just by being one of the students chosen to interview I had earned the title of Global Scholar.

While Hanover has since ended the Global Scholar program, there are still many opportunities for students to travel during a spring term. Students can enter the new scholarship competition to earn money based on financial need and an essay submission.

One of my roommates got more than half of her trip paid for through the scholarship. The trips range anywhere from $1200 to $4500, depending on where the trip is going and for how long. There are trips that stay in the U.S., including one that goes to the Grand Canyon and one that is part of the Business Scholars Program that goes to New York.

Trips abroad include Spanish conversation in Spain, Mexico or Ecuador, a theology class to Italy and a history/sociology class to Taiwan, among others.

It didn’t really start to sink in that my dream was going to come true until I applied for my passport during fall break, and then when I paid my deposit so I could register for the class. The thought that in about six months I will be out of the country for the first time is mind blowing. I’ll be sure to write about it while I’m there. For now, I will keep researching and pinning and pining over pictures on the Web.

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