Procrastination at its finest

Oktoberfest led to some procrastination on my part.

Procrastination. At the start of each semester I vow to myself that I’m going to not procrastinate and get everything done ahead of time so I can have a stress free time.

But first, let’s be honest: what is college without procrastination? It is something at which everyone becomes excellent when they go to college. I don’t necessarily thing it is such a bad thing since it teaches you to work under pressure.

However, it isn’t good if you wait until an hour before something needs to be done (I know some friends who have done that. I might have even done it a time or two).

Procrastination became my best friend this past weekend. It was Thursday, and I was suppose to have a quiz on Monday. I really wanted to get a jump start on reviewing the material so that I could get a good grade.

Just when I had started to open my notes, my friends came and found me and told me that there was an Oktoberfest party happening on campus. How could I let my German/other exchange friends down and not go to Oktoberfest at the bar on campus with an actual GERMAN — come on.

Some exchanges singing on stage
Some exchanges singing on stage

So, I went and had a blast and got a great souvenir cup out of it. When I started to study Friday, My friends came and got me yet again and told me to come to The Harp for karaoke.

This night ended up being one of the most fun nights I have had in a long time. After watching this mid-fifties, biker man sing ACDC’s Thunderstruck, my friends Savannah and Julian (the same Oktoberfest German) and I got on stage and sang “RESPECT.” Such a classic, I know.

Finally on Saturday, I was determined to study after lunch. I sat down at lunch with all my friends and they told me to go get dressed; we were going hiking in the rainforest. How could I turn down an Australian rainforest. YOAUO (You Only Aussie Once) right? The rainforest was beautiful, and I am glad I went.

I ended up studying Sunday, and I think I did well on it thanks to Hanover Professor Bryant Stamford. The quiz was about cardiovascular disease, which is exactly what he hammered into our heads during a nutrition class I took in May Term my freshman year. Any kinesiology and integrative physiology majors out there will understand what I mean, and I hope it gave you a good chuckle.



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