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A day in the life of a radio DJ...
A day in the life of a radio DJ…

Classes are back in session here at Hanover College, and fall break is over. While it went by fast, it was so nice to have some time for myself.

I always find my breaks or time home to be jam-packed. I try to fit everything into just a few short days, but I am getting better about this as I have gotten older. I have learned that a two-and-a-half-hour drive really isn’t that far. Going home for things is sometimes needed other than just the break times we have here from classes.

As a freshman, I was a bit misconstrued on this concept. I assumed that college students never went home unless it was a holiday break of some sort. Now I realize that really it all depends on your schedule and you personally.

I am sharing this because I want incoming freshman to realize that it is not a bad thing to go home. Staying on campus is a great way to become more independent and make new experiences, but being away from home for too long is one of those things that just aren’t easy for everyone.

I was one of those people. Growing up, I was very close to my family. We were always doing things together, which mostly involved either my sporting events or my sisters sporting events, but it was still valuable family time.

Going away to school and being away from my family was hard at first, but luckily I am a people person and was able to make friends quickly and keep busy. Here at Hanover College, we have lots of options for clubs to join, intramural sports, campus events, etc. that are ways to really find people with common interests.

This not only helped me pass time on campus if I was a little homesick, these connections and people helped me beyond that and into the job field.

One thing that is offered on campus during August Experience is the activities fair for students. This fair is a place for many groups both within the campus community and the local area community to give out information on how to be involved.

The booths are very wide ranging, and this is where I found SBA. SBA stands for the Student Broadcasting Association, and I am now fortunate enough to be the president of that club. I always knew that I wanted obtain a job in either radio or television, but I never really had any experience in television.

I worked on a student radio station in high school and loved it, but I also wanted to branch out a little bit, too. SBA gave me the opportunity to gain experience with being on camera, operating a camera, editing footage, etc.

This experience led me to my first big-girl job this summer at a radio station near home. I still work there during breaks from school, and my hope is to start the radio program here at Hanover College back up.

Creating experiences here on campus is something that will forever change you as a person. The real question is whether or not you will find those experiences to your benefit or not. I was fortunate enough to take the beneficial route, and hopefully you will do the same.

Just remember to grow with your own fertilizer. By that, I mean to take your personal growth by the means best tailored toward yourself and your individual needs, whatever those may be.


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