Exams and labs and papers, OH MY!!

So I know its been awhile, but my last week and a half has been filled with exams, lab reports and papers. It seems that the professors all work on a similar four- to five-week schedule when it comes to covering material and thinking that it is the appropriate time to test what their students have learned.

This particularly happens in the science majors, and it’s the bind I found myself in these past weeks. In six class days, I had three exams and two major lab reports.

My week color coded with assignments, meetings and work.
My week color coded with assignments, meetings and work.

Now I’m not bringing this up to intimidate anyone, in fact it wasn’t that bad at all. Being prepared is the key when it comes to being able to dominate during those days when it seems that everything is hitting you all at once.

There are so many things you can do individually and take advantage of in order to succeed at Hanover. Here are just a few of the things I do to keep organized and on top of my school work.

1. Plan Plan Plan. I have a planner that is color coded by class. I begin by looking at all my syllabi at the beginning of the term and write down everything that we are doing in class each day, what assignments are due and when exams are. Stuff that gets added as we go along, like changes, meetings or work are in black so that they stand out.

I also add in post-it notes with to do lists so that I have exactly what needs to be done easily accessible and somewhere I can cross things off as they get finished.

Looking ahead on Thursday of each week (this just happens to be my dead day where I only have a lab) I start to plan what I need to work on during the weekend so that I can plan in school with social events.

2. Library/Learning Center. If I really need a place to study that is out of the general realm of hangout spots, I will head over to the library. Living in a sorority house can get pretty loud every once in a while, and that is when the library becomes my haven. If I need absolute silence, I can always go to the third floor where silence is enforced.

Another perk of the library is the Learning Center. This resource is incredibly handy for those tough concepts where you just need someone other than the professor to explain. I utilized the Learning Center a lot during my general chemistry class and for LADR courses like philosophy and economics.

There are tutors there for every subject and even general tutors to help you with things like studying and papers. For more information about times and tutors head over to the Learning Center website.

I am slightly (REALLY) obsessed with elephants, so of course I had to get this planner.
I am slightly (REALLY) obsessed with elephants, so of course I had to get this planner.

3. Professors. They give you their office hours, emails and sometimes even phone numbers so that you can contact them to get help with the concepts that challenge you individually.

Professors lecture to the whole class, so they may not spend a lot of time covering the subject that gives you trouble because the rest of the class seems to have mastered it, but if you go and ask them one-on-one, they will work with you until you feel more confident about it.

At Hanover, the perk of the small campus is that many professors live just off campus and are willing to make some sacrifices to help you learn.

4. *Relax. I know this is hard for some people, me included, but this is key to being able to do well. Every now and then I’ll give myself a study break by taking a walk around campus or hiking, watching some Netflix (Let’s be honest, “Gilmore Girls” just got put on so I’m watching too much now), or even just taking a little extra time during meals to sit and chat with friends. I personally love going to the gym and doing cardio during an episode of whatever show I am currently watching.

*Disclaimer: there is a difference between relaxing and procrastinating. Do: work me-time into your study schedule. Don’t: put off studying to binge watch three seasons of HIMYM.

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