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Temporary peers, but lifelong friends. (FIJI Island 2014)
Temporary peers, but lifelong friends. (FIJI Island 2014)

Junior year seems to racing by with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. Our men’s golf team’s fall season is over after both concerning and impressive performances, and preparations for our spring season are under way.

Fall Rush for the men and women have come and gone within a blink of an eye, and I have come out of the process as an associate member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Midterms are on the horizon and the panic is beginning to set in.

Yes, the beginning of the semester has been stressful, but this semester has been the best yet.

The old cliché exists telling people to “never wish their time away.” In college however, nothing holds more truth. At times, life seems so stressful that all you can think about is when will this end or look forward to something in the future. But, in an instant, everything will end, and you will look back with regret over why you did not take advantage of the time you had.

Recently, I have spent hours upon hours studying for Dr. Ron Smith’s Public Policy midterm. The class emphasizes the use of game theory, which is a new topic for me and relates more toward economics than political science.

The studying would not have taken as long as it has if not for one of my roommates purchasing the new FIFA 15 video game, which has become extra distracting. But with two years of college under my belt, I feel as if I am able to manage my time much better when it comes to time for work and time for leisure.

With fall golf season over, I must immediately start preparing for our spring season. I realize that I only have two years of competitive golf left, and I plan on taking advantage of that time in the best way I can. My dream is to be part of a conference championship team, but two factors seem to stand in the way.

One, my game is nowhere near where it needs to be to compete for a top-five spot, but I have decided to dedicate much of my time to practicing and playing so that I may earn a spot in the top five sooner rather than later.

Secondly, the dreaded Transylvania University. They are consistently a top-five golf program in all of Division III. Time is running out for our team and for me personally to receive the accolades I know we can and should achieve.

I seem to be a busy man lately and I am not complaining. Being busy keeps me from thinking about the time when I eventually leave Hanover. For now, I am doing whatever I can to leave a legacy at the college and to prepare myself better for the future and for what is to come immediately following life at Hanover.

The moral of the lesson here kids is that time is precious. No matter where you decide to continue your post-high school endeavors, just remember never to wish your time away because in an instant, it is all gone. Take the time now to thank your high school teachers for the time they have spent working with you over the years.

Also, hold on to your important friendships that you currently have. They will all mean so much in retrospect, believe me.

Again, I cannot believe that I am halfway done with college, but then again, I plan on savoring all the time that I have left here.

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