Senior year at Hanover

Here we go, last first blog of the year for me. It’s a strange feeling, knowing that nine months from now (approximately one human pregnancy, for those of us who prefer to think in awkward metaphors and comparisons) I’ll walk across the stage at The Point for my graduation.

Each year here has changed me in a unique way, and even now, with one year left, I know I am a dramatically different person than I was when I graduated from high school. What happened over the past few years? Allow me to give a simple recap of the last three years of my life:

Freshman year. Pep band drummer with braces. Activate geek mode.
Freshman year. Pep band drummer with braces. Activate geek mode.

Freshman Year. This is the one that most of you reading this are about to dive into. Freshman year was nerve-wracking, and it was one hell of a challenge. You go from an environment where you have to ask to use the restroom to an environment where you’re making decisions that will impact you every day for the rest of your life. I personally think high school needs to do a better job of transitioning students into having more responsibilities, but that’s a different story.

My first year here I tried to get involved with everything, and I did! I played music in the pep band, mentored elementary school students, participated in student senate, became president of my residence hall and joined a fraternity, all while keeping a solid 3.4 GPA.

The most important thing for me was getting out there and meeting new people. Experiencing new things. Getting out of my comfort zone. If I would not have gone out to explore the world around me and just stayed in my room, I would have been doomed from the start with homesickness, apathy and boredom. It all got fixed by making some news friends and immersing myself in the Hanover lifestyle.

Summer right before senior year started. Look at that enthusiasm.
Summer right before senior year started. Look at that enthusiasm.

Sophomore Year. Year two meant it was time to start settling down here at school. I began to dive deeper into figuring out which major I would declare.

After going through about six or seven ideas for a major, I finally decided on computer science. I took the intro class and immediately fell in love with the subject.

This year also brought some narrowing-down of my extra curriculars. I didn’t come back to most of the clubs I was in freshman year, and began to focus more time on the other organizations I was in.

Junior Year. Junior year was when, as the kids say, the struggle became real. I was elected as president of the Sigma Chi fraternity on campus, and also had to play catch up with my computer science major. Stress started to hit me hard, and I wound up registering myself for counseling services. That year I learned that you can’t always take on the world by yourself.

Senior Year. Here we are. What’s in store for me? I can’t say exactly, but I’m currently in a theater production as a senior, still going strong as president of Sigma Chi, and starting to look for post-college plans. With the right amount of luck, I might just make it out alive.

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