On campus for summer (again!)

For those of you who weren’t avid subscribers to my blog last summer (and why wouldn’t you be?), I was fortunate enough to land an internship with the Rivers Institute at Hanover College. I spent three months acting with the Rivers Institute Traveling Theatre, in which I portrayed historical figure, John Tibbets, who with the help of his wife Sarah, worked in the area around Hanover to help slaves escape to freedom during the Civil War era.

Those three months created what was undoubtedly the greatest and best summer I have ever had. All six actors lived together in Young House on campus, traveled as far as Chicago and West Virginia, and got to get paid to pretend to be someone they’re not.

One of my favorite pictures fro last year, right before our show in Vevay, Indiana.
One of my favorite pictures from last year, right before our show in Vevay, Indiana.

And this summer I get to do it all again.

I was pretty upset when I didn’t get the computer science internship I had hoped to get in Indianapolis, but the same day I learned I was not selected, I also learned that there would be another Rivers Theatre for the summer. It seemed perfect that the two things would happen in the same day, so a friend let me look through his monologue portfolio so that I could get a piece and memorize it.

The auditions were a little stressful because I knew that they would only cast two males at most, and five or six guys auditioned. As you can guess from me already saying it, I got lucky and wound up with the part.

This summer there are five short plays instead of one long one, which I personally prefer. I am in four of them, and play an array of characters, from a mad scientist to Rex Stout, the author of the famous “Nero Wolf” novels.

Instead of living in Young House like we did last summer, everyone who is staying on campus is living at Blythe, a freshman dorm with — wait for it — air conditioning. As if that by itself isn’t enough to make anyone love the job, now that we have our scripts down and are traveling and performing, the only days I’m required to work are days when we have shows. This is the life. Summer’s going to be great, so stay tuned.

Oh, and before I forget, if you’re interesting in seeing the show, you can find our full schedule here!

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