How Hanover has changed me

Study break early Freshman Year
Study break early freshman year

While I’m only a sophomore, and I really don’t feel like I’ve changed that much, I know that I have since the start of school two years ago. Like a lot of incoming college students, coming to Hanover I saw college as a new chance to start over a little bit, to reinvent myself.

A lot of aspects of myself have stayed the same from high school, but my interests and understanding of the world have broadened and changed immensely.

Ever since elementary school, I’ve been drawn to the arts in some way or another. Perhaps it was preordained when my parents gave me the name of a famous artist or just the luck of the draw, but whether it is art or music, I was always involved in the arts leading up until college.

I played in the band, took AP studio art, and even sold some art at a craft fair. It wasn’t surprising, then, that I quickly went to the arts departments in search of a new experience. As a music scholar, I’ve been involved in concert band, jazz band and even pep band.

Out for dinner earlier this semester.
Out for dinner earlier this semester.

Surprisingly though, I never really had a big interest in theater until my senior year of high school, and that’s where I’ve found some of my best friends and most interesting experiences over the last two years.

Performing in plays, working on tech crew, and taking classes and workshops, theater has become a huge part of my life, and the theater department has become like another family.

Coming from a small town I had limited experience with people drastically different from myself. Sure, I met plenty of people, and no one person was the same, but my world view exploded coming to Hanover.

With people from every walk of life and countless other countries, I had to quickly learn to interact with people I’d not only never met before but had vast cultural, societal or ideological differences.

Over my first year, though, I met so many people and heard their stories and experiences that it was difficult not to learn how to work with them. Coming to Hanover has not only helped me expand my previous passions and find new ones, but it has also helped me learn to work with countless types of people.

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