How Hanover changed me

Some of my best friends from Hanover College!
Some of my best friends from Hanover College!

My time at Hanover College has provided many great experiences. Some have been good, and some not; but overall, they made me grow as a person.

As a high school student, I rarely stressed about my classes. Of course, there were always two or three that were not the easiest, but I did not study on a nightly basis. I was an athlete and thought I knew exactly how to manage my time. Well, all of that changed when I got to college.

I learned during my first semester at Hanover that I could not wait until 10 p.m. the night before a chemistry final exam to begin studying. And calling my sister to come over and help me at 11 p.m. was not the answer, either.

The paper that my professor assigned on day one could not be written by pulling an all-nighter. On the night of a basketball game, I did not want to study for test at midnight. My brain just could not function that way.

The college student must go into survival mode in order to make it through each semester. Each student must find his/her study habits and ways of coping with stress. I had to eliminate my procrastinating and adjust to studying more overall.

Yes, it was hard. As I began to reprogram my study habits, my stress level began to decrease, and I started to enjoy my classes more.

Hanover has changed me. I truly want to do well in all of my classes. If I get a B on a paper, I’m not happy. I have learned there are much greater outcomes when I get out of my comfort zone and work to the best of my ability.

Adjusting my study times has given me more freedom to get involved and meet new people. I plan ahead and get things accomplished before the deadline, so I can have time for me. This is another way to relieve stress.

My advice to incoming freshman is to find what will work best for you. It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you find your stride, you will enjoy your college experience and make some great some memories.


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