Oh, the tables have turned

And so, the tables have turned. First, I go from not being able to find a job, to finally finding and accepting an offer, only to be slapped with the realities of adulthood. The job I decided to take is located in South Carolina, and I initially thought it would be great, that I would move south to an awesome area with the beach. Why wouldn’t it be? WRONG!

Photo from my last trip to S.C.

Ideally, I thought moving would be a trivial task. You know call someone, find a place and boom, you’re moving in. It was that easy when I was in Philadelphia so why wouldn’t it be the same in real life? I have started to realize that growing up is going to be rough.

First off, there are so many numbers and things to deal with. Taxes, for one. When you look at how much they take out, it’s like crazy. With moving expenses, they want a deposit plus the first month’s rent, which can get pretty expensive really fast, especially when moving to a tourist filled area IN SEASON. It’s like Black Friday for real estate.

You have to be aware of scams (everyone’s out there grinding) trying to make it day to day; some just choose to do it illegally.

And in the midst of all that chaos, I am still struggling to finish my thesis, my final paper for this class or that class and pack my stuff so I am ready to leave in 12 days. TWELVE DAYS! It’s just crazy how time flies when you have so much going on.

I mean  I like to stay busy; it keeps me awake and helps me avoid midday naps that are really counterproductive and make me even more tired.

But, anyway …

That was a lot of information. I just word vomited onto the page, but seriously, enjoy it now. I’m sure that once I figure everything out, complete these final assignments of my college career and am settled, everything will be okay. Like people say, “It’s only up from here,” right?

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