How to procrastinate like a pro

This is what I was doing while I was writing this post. Again, I love YouTube.
This is what I was doing while I was writing this post. Again, I love YouTube.

If there is anything I am good at, it’s procrastination. It’s not the best skill to have in college, but sometimes it’s good for you to take a breather. But with Dead Week upon us, many of us will be finding it hard to procrastinate on a daily bases. So, here is a step-by-step guide to help all those struggling with procrastination.

(I’m kidding. Please don’t take this seriously.)

Step 1: Put all of the homework and reading that you have to do that night on your desk. Look at all of the work you have to do. It’s just lying in large piles, waiting for you to complete it. Are you looking? Now ignore it. Just get up and walk away

(Seriously though, it’s best just to get all of your work done right away. You will stress less later.)

Step 2: Find something else to do besides your homework. Go outside, read a book that you actually want to read, chill with friends, play a video game. In my opinion, the best way to procrastinate is to watch videos on YouTube.

(I’m going to sound like your mom when I say this, “Do your homework and reading first, dear. Then, you can go out and play with your little friends.”)

Step 3: Come back to your desk, piled high with textbooks and classwork. Freak out because you just realized that all of this is due tomorrow or really soon and you haven’t even started work on it yet.

(Had you finished your homework earlier you wouldn’t have this problem.)

Step 4: Stay up really late trying to complete all of the work and reading you have. Go to bed late and wake up early for class.

(Again this wouldn’t be a problem if you had done it earlier.)

Step 5: Repeat if necessary.

(Do not repeat. It’s not necessary.)

For better results, wait until the most stressful time in the semester to do this. (i.e., Dead Week and Finals Week)

(That should be changed to “For worst results.”)

Hope this helps!

(It won’t.)

Until next time!  (maybe)



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