Geek-A-Thon: The Aftermath

Also, I wrote a haiku as part of a scavenger hunt sponsored by Kennings.
Also, I wrote a haiku as part of a scavenger hunt sponsored by Kennings.

Last weekend was the busiest/funniest/most stressful weekend ever. The reason for all of this has a name, it’s name is Geek-A-Thon. That’s right, Geek-A-Thon.

It’s the annual three-day event in which we celebrate everything geeky. Four clubs, Sci-fi and Fantasy Club, Anime Club, Table Top Club,and Feminist Club sponsor and plan the events at Geek-A-Thon.

The reason why it was so stressful is because I procrastinated about 75 percent of the work I had to do. Also, I had homework and papers and stuff from other classes.

Class work + papers for said classes x Geek-A-Thon planning + procrastination = stress

Despite all of this, Geek-A-Thon went really well. There were tons of interesting panels, like the “Adventure Time” panel. Did you know that “Adventure Time” as a complex sub-plot with really fascinating characters? Me neither.

Not only did we have a ton of panels, but we also had a lots of other neat-o events.

Friday, there was a dance party with tons of hip music that those young people listen to (Do I sound like an old lady?). Also, there was Friday Night Magic, where people just play “Magic: The Gathering” card game.

Saturday, there were A LOT of panels and events going on. There was a Halo Tournament, where there were people sitting in a room playing X-Box. If that’s not fun, then I don’t know what is. After midnight, there was a bad fan-fiction reading. Basically, people read really bad/funny fan-fiction out loud. You have no idea how funny this was! I had a headache afterwards from laughing so much.

Sunday was basically just a day to wrap things up with Geek-A-Thon. There were a few panels and a Super Smash Bros Tournament. The final event of Geek-A-Thon was the Sing-A-Long, the explanation is in the title.

Geek-A-Thon was a charity event. It raised about $400 that goes straight to the local high school libraries here in Hanover. This just made an awesome event even more awesome.

Until next time!

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