Spring is here and so are LEAP days

The view from Horner to Sorority Court. Seriously? It's almost April!
The view from the Horner Center to Sorority Court. Seriously? It’s almost April!

It’s finally spring! At least, that’s what all my sources tell me. With temperatures still in the mid 30s and snow falling every few days, it’s hard to believe, but there are a few days where the sun shines, and I have a little hope for warmer weather.

The cold aside, life must go on, and with spring comes a lot of excitement in the admissions and student life departments for the next class. With Residence Assistants secured for next year and Peer Advisors (PA) selected, campus is really shaping up to welcome a new class of first-year students.

I’ve been honored to have been selected to return as a PA this next year. We had our first meeting with the 26 of us as well as Cortlan Waters Bartley and Katy Lowe Schneider to discuss expectations for us and for new PAs just the other day.

While a lot of it was serious contract stuff, I can already see the excitement building for August Experience and even sooner, LEAP sessions.

LEAP days are some of my favorite days of the year. These are the days next years’ students come to HC and register for classes, get a look at the dorms and meet some professors. The Peer Advisors help out new students in selecting classes, understanding the Liberal Arts Degree Requirements (LADRs) and getting accustomed to campus.

New students also receive their summer reading. This year students will read “The Circus in Winter” by Cathy Day.

I know LEAP days can be stressful for a lot of students, especially with  all the other stresses of being a high school senior, but they are seriously some of my favorites. I cannot wait to meet the Class of 2018, and I hope I can help a few people as well.

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