Pride Week

What’s not fun: waking up on early on a Sunday morning

What is fun: waking up early on a Sunday morning just to throw color on people

Every year, Love Out Loud has a special week called Pride Week where there is an event everyday that celebrates and brings together the LGBT community and its allies. The Color Run was just one of those events.

The Color Run is a 5K, but instead of just running ,the participants also get the colors of the rainbow thrown at them. I was someone who threw color at people, and it was a ton of fun. Sure, I my hands were completely covered with green, and it was REALLY cold out, but it was totally worth it! We used this Indian powder so all of the colors were really vibrant and beautiful.

The color fight aftermath
The color fight aftermath

After the 5K, we used the remaining powder to have a color fight with everyone. We were a total mess by the end of it, but it was so much fun! Not only were we a mess, but so was the road. (When it rains, will the color run and stain the grass?)

The 5K is not the only event going on during Pride Week!

Monday: Queer Lecture Series with our chaplain, Laura Arico

Tuesday: Equality Bake Sale (Cookies!)

Wednesday: Queer Acts on The Quad (Basically, everyone from LOL chill, do homework, or play with bubbles on The Quad)

Thursday: Safe Zone Training (This is a training program in which participants are trained to provide support those of the LGBT and create an LGBT friendly place)

And the next biggest event (and the one that I am the most excited about) is…

*drum roll please*

The All Stars of Drag!

This is when Drag Queens and Kings put on a performances on May 2nd in the CFA for charity. Whose excited? Everyone, right? What makes all of this better is that the money raised goes straight to the House of Ruth and the Madison Animal Shelter! Yay, charity!

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