Fandoms and Hanover

Thanks to my love for "Doctor Who," I now know some pretty awesome people, like Jacob!
Thanks to my love for “Doctor Who,” I now know some pretty awesome people, like Jacob.

I am going to start this post when a confession: I love “Doctor Who.” On a scale of one to five, where one is “I hate it” and five is “it’s a lifestyle,” I would be at a three. There’s just so much to love about “Doctor Who.”

I love the characters, the writing, the actors (Matt Smith, anyone?). The best part about me being a Whoivan is that I’m not alone. There are so many other Whoivans here. I was really surprised by it.

Back home, there were very few people who liked “Doctor Who,” or that they thought it was weird. When I came to Hanover, I was surprised by how many people loved “Doctor Who” as much as I do or more.

Saturday, I got the opportunity to help someone with their project. Their project was about fandoms and, basically, we sat around in a circle and talked about “Doctor Who.” It. was. awesome.

One of the participants¬†in the experiment told a story where he once ran halfway across campus because a friend told him that he was going to watch “Doctor Who.” The student that lead the experiment asked him if people looked at him weird. The participant said that he was pretty sure that everyone understood his reasons.

While I was in the discussion, I realized that I have made quite a few friends through the fandom since I came to Hanover. Also, I’m always surprised when a professor tells me that they like “Doctor Who.” I always thought of it as a new fandom, especially with the reboot in 2005.

Overall, the campus seems pretty accepting of all kinds of fandoms, which is something that I am not used to. In a way, I like to think that everyone is a nerd or geek in their own special way whether it’s with sports or fashion or music or whatever!

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