Let’s go clubbing!

Even though break was relaxing, I missed all the activities that usually happens on campus. More specifically, I missed going to all the meetings. I know, I’m a weirdo. You’re probably thinking, “Who the *curse* likes meetings?”

Well, I like club meetings/gatherings. I love to plan events. I love the ideas. I love the creative flow. I love how my horizons are broadened. If you can’t tell, I really like, no, I love club meetings.

One of the great things about Hanover is that there are so many different types of clubs, and it honestly surprised me when I first came here. I thought there would be very few clubs because of how small the population of the college is. Quite frankly, I was surprised.

Now, I am involved with a club almost every day of the week. Seriously, I am not kidding. The only days which I don’t have any club meetings are Mondays and Saturdays.

Geek-A-Thon poster for this year. Woo!
Geek-A-Thon poster for this year. Woo!

My clubbing schedule:

Monday: no meeting

Tuesday: Feminist Club

Wednesday: Love Out Loud

Thursday: Science-Fiction and Fantasy Club

Friday: Table Top and Geek-a-Thon

Saturday: No meeting

Sunday: Kennings


I know, I’m kinda crazy, and sometimes it gets equally crazy. Especially this month, because there is a major event going on almost every weekend.

There is “The Good Body” play Tuesday and Friday. March 15, a ton of Geek-a-Thon volunteers will help out with an event at That Bookstore, (that is the name of the store, its really cool place).

Next week, is Pride Week for Love Out Loud. This is their biggest week of the year, so there will be a ton of events going on.

The last weekend of March is Geek-a-Thon. This is event that has me the most excited! As for many other clubs, this is Sci-Fi Club’s biggest event of the year. Geek-a-Thon is a three day event that celebrates anything and everything geeky.

So, yeah, this month is busy. But, I like to be busy. It keeps me from  getting bored and doing homework (because no one really likes doing homework).

Until next time!




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