Hamstrings, quads and knees, oh my!

I went down today. I just felt pain and fell straight down to the ground. It’s much less dramatic than I am making it sound, but it really did hurt. This is my fourth season running track at Hanover College, and up to this year I never had so many injuries.

As a freshman, I always thought the seniors were being overly dramatic when they talked about the pain their bodies suffered after four years of running on a concrete track for indoor season then continuing the season outdoors.

A teammate who kept me company while I iced after practice

They weren’t kidding at all. The phrases, “My body is falling apart” or “I feel so old” come out of my mouth constantly, and I am very aware of the changes my knees, back, quads and hamstrings have gone through these past four years.

I can straighten my legs for longer than 10 minutes without feeling pain and stretching has become a way of life.

Today, when I fell, it was because of an injury that happened at the very beginning of practice in January. I tweaked my hamstring just a bit and was out almost three weeks; I even had to miss the first meet. Cross training was practice, and the elliptical and I became the best of friends.

It was miserable not being able to run upstairs on the awful concrete track. I missed hanging out with the team during practice, and I felt condemned standing there on the elliptical only able to stare up at them as they ran.

What does make this getting hurt thing a little better are teammates who care. Today at dinner, several members came up to me and asked how I was doing, and made sure I was okay. It’s because of my team that I am proud to be a part of this program, and I can’t imagine being a member of another team at any other school.

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