Poetic Stress

One of my many papers that are due.
One of my many papers that are due.

It’s once again that time of year: midterms. Where there are papers due, books to read, textbooks to study and tests to take. This midterm is easily the most stressful by far for me. I have a paper due Monday, a paper due Tuesday, a paper due Thursday, an oral exam for Spanish due Friday and the exam for my Democracy class is sometime this week.

Last Tuesday, I was sick. It was nothing really specific, just a general grossness that comes from not feeling well. I basically stayed in bed until about 1:30 p.m. Needless to say, I really did not do a thing all day.

This was also the day that I receive all of the assignments for midterms, which did not make me feel any better. Positively speaking, I was well rested for the rest of the week, which made it a lot easier to wake up for my 9 a.m. Philosophy class.

On the negative side, I am not looking forward to the Democracy exam. The professor for that class emailed the study guide, and there are a ton of things to go over.

The worst part is that the professor never told us when the midterm is. If it’s Monday, I will be SO “curse word.” I hope that the professor schedules the exam for Friday, it would give me plenty of time to study. I would be so happy.

There is a bright side to this week. Love Out Loud is hosting their 10th  National Freedom to Marry Day Thursday. I am so excited to see it! Especially since the event has reached its 10-year mark.

Also, File House is having a poetry reading on the same day. Recently, I have fallen in love with watching poetry slams on YouTube. I can’t wait to listen and read poetry with others. It will be a great stress relief!

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