Gotta love a theme party

When was the last time you attended a good theme party? I know when I was in high school, theme parties were lame and played out, and I thought I was too cool, but at Hanover I would say it’s one of the best parts.

The social scene at Hanover is probably one of the many reasons I stayed because I met so many great people at parties. Now we’re not talking about Animal House-themed parties, but really fun themed parties.

This past weekend, Sigma Chi hosted a Hawaii Chi party. It was nice to see so many bright colors, flowers and wear a lei. This weather hasn’t really been good on anyone or their desire to do much of anything, so to have a group of people get together wearing bright clothes was quite the change.

Something else that makes these parties fun are the trips to Goodwill in search of the best outfit! Some theme parties that I have enjoyed are:

Collage of party-themed outfits.
Collage of party-themed outfits.

FIJI’s Protect the Chest: Pirate Themed party

Lambda Chi’s Heaven and Hell

Phi Delta Theta’s Around the World

Phi Delta Theta’s Project X

Lambda Chi’s 80s party (personal fav)

Sigma Chi’s Disco Chi

FIJI’s Fiji Island

FIJI’s Twas the Night Before Christmas

Lambda Chi’s Geek Night

The list goes on about all the fun party themes that you have the chance to go to, relieve stress and meet new people in a friendly setting. Hanover may be located in the middle of nowhere, but at least you’re surrounded by some of your best friends.

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