Handcrafted valentines by yours truly

Recently, I wrote a blog post giving you some tips about how to create your own crafty valentine for your special someone, family, friends, etc. Well, this week, I have been busy being artsy.

Yeah, that’s right. You may not think I am creative, and I was a little unsure about my creativity as well, but guess what, all that creativity comes from somewhere. Basically I went on Pinterest and found ideas. I guess I didn’t technically think of the idea, but I’m the one who put the ideas into action, so I’m going to go ahead and give myself ALL of the credit!

A couple of Valentines that I made for my younger cousins.  They were easy and fun to make.
A couple of valentines that I made for my younger cousins. They were easy and fun to make.

First, I traveled to the nearby Dollar General in Hanover after Pinterest inspired me to get crafty. Second, I bought Hershey’s kisses, Goldfish crackers, gummy worms and construction paper.

Third, I found cute little sayings on Pinterest to go with my snacks. For the Hershey’s kisses I put, “Kisses and Hugs for my Lovebug.” For the Goldfish crackers it was, “You’re my Best Catch!” And for the gummy worms, “You’re my Lovebug.”

Last, I put my artistic abilities to work and created the perfect valentine gifts.

Maybe you’ve already chosen your valentine gift or created one of your own, but if you haven’t, this post is for you. Valentine’s Day is today, but you still have time to make something.

For us Hanover College students who have packed schedules, this is the perfect gift to make. It’s easy, it’s not time consuming, it’s inexpensive, and it’s fun. So if you’re frantically searching on these last couple days before Valentine’s Day for the perfect gift, take my advice and make your own.

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