Countdown to Valentine’s Day

Hanover students are stressed to the max because it’s only two weeks before Winter Break (which begins after class Feb. 21), but on top of that we have VALENTINE’S DAY around the corner. Before you stress out even more because you completely forgot Friday, Feb. 14 is in fact Valentine’s Day, let me give you a few tips.

Hmm… You’re sitting here wondering what in the world to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day, but your mind draws a blank. Well, coming from a college student who does not have cash at the moment, I will give you some ideas.

First off, don’t spend a lot of money. I’ve searched Pinterest plenty of times this past week thinking of ways I could save money on Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and I can honestly say that snacks and candy are the best gift anyone could give me. Maybe an iTunes gift card, a gift card to my favorite restaurant in Hanover or even just a Mickey D’s gift card would all suffice.

A couple of cute little things that I got for Valentine's Day from my family.  A chocolate rose, some heart-shaped chocolates, and some cupcake hand sanitizer.
A couple of cute little gifts that I got for Valentine’s Day from my family. A chocolate rose, some heart-shaped chocolates and some cupcake hand sanitizer.

Another way (other than buying snack, food, etc.) to ensure you can save money and have the perfect gift is to make your own V-Day gift for someone. Although you might think that the only person who would want your arts and crafts is your mother, think again!

There are many creative ideas on Pinterest to make your own gifts, which is where I got some of my ideas. There are plenty of bulletins on Pinterest showing how to put together school supplies, snacks and much more in a cute and crafty way. Things for school or snack foods can easily be found at your nearest Walmart, Dollar General or CVS.

Since we are college students and may not have a lot of spending money right now, these are excellent gifts to give and receive. Pinterest is a very important app to have on your smartphone or iPad for these occasions.

So, this Valentine’s Day, remember not to stress even more, save that for your classes. There are plenty of creative ways to put together an inexpensive gift for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, and family.

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