The generic, yet inevitable, rejection email

Rejection. It happens to everyone. Some people are rejected by their crush, sometimes you reject a phone call from your parents, sometimes you are rejected by an organization for that internship you really wanted. Regardless, rejection sucks no matter what!

These past three years I have been blessed with so many different experiences to work and travel. I’ve had the opportunity to live in Philadelphia, South Carolina and Turkey, working in different industries with every move.

However, being a senior, things are getting real, and I am starting to realize that landing a job isn’t as easy as getting that internship I really wanted or being accepted into this program or that one.

Today, when I woke up, I did what most students do: I checked my phone. After seeing the time, I immediately started the normal routine of checking Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, just in case I missed something during the night while I slept.

The last thing I always check is my email. I was upset because not only was there one, but two rejection emails from jobs I had applied to just the week before. I think for me, anyway, this was one of the first times I was told no to something I really wanted.

rejection email
The generic rejection email

Success was something that just came pretty easily to me while being at Hanover. I had obviously been told no when applying to other internships in years past, but those didn’t really determine my future.

In four short months my four years at Hanover will come to a close, and I won’t have to worry about paying another pretty penny for a semester, scheduling for classes, or worrying about what dormitory I want to live in. I’m more worried about where I am going to live, how much I will have to pay for it, and how will I make enough money to do so.

It really just sucks not knowing what is going to happen next with my future, and I think those emails were the reality check I needed. Things in life don’t always come easy, and you will get turned away from opportunities that you really want.

I guess I just have to remember it’s not the end of the world right now, but a brand new start to this next stage in my life.

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