How to dress for these chilly Indiana days

As I bundle up, go outside, and face the torturous weather conditions in southern Indiana these days, I see my fellow Hanoverians not quite dressed appropriately. So, to my peers and future Hanover students who want to wear shorts when it’s less than 30 degrees outside, I think you’re crazy!

I am wearing about three layers, a long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie, a heavy winter coat, along with earmuffs, gloves and a scarf. While many are walking around without a coat while wearing shorts and a hoodie, I’m still cold, even if I do look like the kid from “The Christmas Story.”

As a matter of fact, I think I said, “I can’t put my arms down!” to one of my friends. If you haven’t seen this scene in “The Christmas Story,” here’s a link of what I look like everyday for class: So please, let me tell you how to properly dress for the winter.  We don’t want any of you catching a cold, so I’ll help you out.

Hanover isn’t too far from home for me; so when my parents come to visit or come to one of my basketball games, and I don’t have a heavy coat on afterwards, I’m in trouble. My mom gets upset and says, “Where is your coat young lady?”

I’m sure many of you have heard this tone from your mother. As much as I don’t like to tell her this, she is right. One day, I went without my coat from my dorm, Coulter House, to the Science Center.

Let’s just say I didn’t make it there in one trip because my entire body was numb from the cold. I had to make a pit stop at the CC — the Campus Center — so my fingers and toes could thaw out from being frozen.

My lovely snow boots I wear in these treacherous weather conditions.
My lovely snow boots I wear in these treacherous weather conditions.

From now on, when I have to get out of bed for my 8 a.m. class, I take the time to put on all those layers. Although it probably takes five extra minutes out of my time (I may be exaggerating a little), I am much warmer than the guy I saw with the shorts on and only a hoodie.

Not only do I bundle up with lots of layers, but I also have snow boots for the days when I look out my window and see a winter wonderland. I suggest snow boots for every college student because when you’re trudging along to class, wet snow in your tennis shoes just doesn’t work out. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to beat this cold everyday, take my advice: wear a few layers, bundle up, buy some warm boots and listen to your mother!

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