Greek Rush is here again!

My pledge class from last year's Run Night.
My pledge class from last year’s Run Night.

For a small liberal arts college, Greek Life is a very prominent way of life at Hanover. With five fraternities and four sororities, Hanover may not have the largest Greek community but we definitely have a tight-knit one. Before the incoming first-years arrived, Hanover’s Greek community was just over 50 percent of students.

That being said, it’s Winter Term, and it’s time again for freshmen men and women to gear up to rush Greek houses. Last week, even with the snow, it was Formal Recruitment week for sororities. With roughly 80 unaffiliated women going through formal recruitment, I’ve been told that every house is more than happy at their turnout, and the new members have already begun to feel at home in their respective houses.

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the school year: Men’s Rush. Roughly 90 guys have been exploring their options among the five fraternities this week and there is still The Run. With an hour a night, every house has had various events throughout the week.

Sigma Chi has had events like a Chicken Nugget Dinner where we had more than 300 chicken nuggets, a house tour, and Poker/Euchre night. Perhaps my favorite event is the tradition of Formal Desserts, which dates back decades.

Brothers and unaffiliated men in attendance dress up, eat some cheesecake and traditionally listen to a brother or two, and typically an alumnus, talk about their experiences in Sig. This year, we had Hanover’s registrar, Brother Ken Prince, who gave a particularly compelling speech in my opinion.

All the events lead up to handing-out bid cards that offered a place as a potential member in the various houses. Following this is the icing on the cake for the week known as Run Night. All men who receive bids from a house meet in Struck Gym where they meet up with brothers from their new house; the group runs back to the house to celebrate. We typically have some gear like sweatshirts or t-shirts and pizza waiting for our new guys when they get back to our house and just have a good time to welcome them.

While it’s possible to have a great and fulfilling time at Hanover without going Greek, even just the brotherhood/sisterhood and the opportunities that arise are more than enough reason to rush, in my opinion, no matter where you end up calling home.

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