Another snow day

Snow everywhere

We are just now entering our third week of winter semester and there have already been two snow/cold days! That is so crazy to me considering these have been the only days I have ever had cancelled due to snow in my last three years at Hanover.

I woke up at 6:45 a.m. and prepared myself for a trip to Indy to meet our client for my Business Strategy class. As I was getting dressed and fixing my hair. my friend who is also in the class texted me and said, “We’re going to die.”

I was so caught off guard and simply replied “What are you talking about?” She followed up by asking me to look outside, and I did. I was speechless as I looked at the white blizzard that was taking place outside.

I started checking my email frantically just hoping that class would be cancelled, and our trip to Indy would be postponed. To my dismay, this email never came. 7:40 a.m. rolled around and that’s when I realized that snow was blowing everywhere and there were about four inches of untouched snow that I would have to trek through to make it to the Campus Center.

As I walked to the CC my legs froze over and had lost all feeling by the time I made it. One by one, everyone in our eight-person class showed up except one overly excited commuter who NEVER misses class. It was then we knew there was no way we would go to Indy.

Our freakout continued, and we ran into the Dean of Students, who helped us to find out the whereabouts of our professor. We were shocked to hear that even with the weather he had still attempted to pick up the 15-passenger van.

Along with hearing his location, we also learned that campus had been closed for the day! Sighs of relief were heard around the group, and we all headed back to our door rooms. Needless to say, I enjoyed my snow day by laying in bed all day, watching Law & Order: SVU, and eventually making my way to the gym for practice later that day. Snow days are always great days!

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