Hard work pays off

Hello, readers: It’s been awhile due to Christmas break, but I sure am glad to be back. My second semester is already off to a rolling start and we even had a snow/ice day on Monday.

As I’m sure you are all aware, we had the polar vortex grace us with its presence recently, and it hit Hanover pretty hard. We didn’t get a whole lot of snow, but the nonstop rain that occurred over the weekend froze and closed the whole campus.

For the first time in my Hanover career, WE HAD A SNOW DAY! It was pretty nice with senior comps coming up, and I was worried stiff about them. Nonetheless, the whole campus took the day off to hang out with friends (inside, of course), attempt to go to the Campus Center for meals, and basically have a Sunday that didn’t have homework due the next day.

Despite this wonderful lazy day, that’s not what I really wanted to talk about. What I did want to tell everyone is how hard work really does pay off (cliché, I know). If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that this past semester, just like all of them, was incredibly stressful and difficult. I spent nearly all my time studying or doing homework and virtually had no social life. But after I received my grades over break, I found out I made the Dean’s List.

Only the greatest achievement in the history of my existence
Only the greatest achievement in the history of my existence

Now, for you naturally smart kids out there, you’re probably thinking, “Psh, Dean’s List? What’s this kid so excited for?” Well smart kids, the world is full of somewhat smart individuals (aka me) who have to work incredibly hard to receive good grades and do what may come naturally to others. This past semester I earned three A’s and one B+, and I was absolutely astounded.

Hanover’s basic configuration comes down to this:

Five percent — pure geniuses

20 percent — intellectually gifted

25 percent — smarter than most

25 percent — smart in the real world; struggling in the Hanover world

20 percent — smart, but lazy

5 percent — those who don’t like it and want to transfer.

100 percent — future successful human beings

Basically, everyone at Hanover is smarter than the average student in the U.S., but the academics are so difficult that even a top five percent student in high school may struggle here. So, when a Hanoverian makes Dean’s List, it’s something to celebrate! (really, it is)

Earning an A at Hanover is hard enough as it is, but receiving more than one (4.0 people, you are the pure geniuses) is next to impossible in most students’ eyes.

And now, we’re back at it again hoping to reach that impossible 4.0 while managing a decent social life and extracurricular activities. And the whole purpose of this post is to let those of you who are not in the 5 percent pure genius category know that there is hope. For some, that hope may seem slimmer than to others, but it is still there and good grades can/will appear if you work hard enough for them.

I’ll leave you with a little something that I whipped up for my Video Production class. It’s not much, but goes to show how hard work translates to more than just good grades.

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