Shoeboxes at the Shoebox SUCCESS!

Shoeboxes at the Shoebox was quite  a success and it made me happy to be a member of Hanover’s Greek Community. Our goal as a council was almost doubled collecting more than 200 boxes for organizations including Girls Inc, Southwestern Elementary and the Salvation Army.

My car filled with gifts

Wednesday was a busy day with not only the shoeboxes at the Shoebox but also the rivalry at the men’s basketball game versus Franklin. As 5 p.m. rolled around, boxes on top of boxes poured into the door of The Shoebox and all the Greek houses were represented. I think the best sight to see was five men wrapping one gift. It was the most adorable yet funny sight to see as the five football players wrapped each gift that their house had provided for the children.

Thetas at the Bball game

When the time came for the Franklin Game there was once again a huge crowd of Greek members in attendance. Painted up and dressed up for the game the stands were covered with students to support our men’s team. Unfortunately, the men didn’t come out on top but it was quite the game to watch.

The next day I woke up bright and early to deliver boxes from the event the night before. I was assigned to deliver boxes to the Salvation Army. When I arrived, it was nice to have three others help me and tell me how thankful they were for the gifts for the children.

Being a member of Hanover’s Greek community is something that sets you apart from the rest. It’s definitely something that has helped me to grow, learn, and have the opportunity to lead women.

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