My first interview

Getting ready for my first interview
Getting ready for my first interview

My first real job interview. Over break I was able to experience my first time sitting across the table from a potential employer and put all my practice to use. It was an odd feeling to know that this wasn’t for another internship but a job. A job; I would hopefully have for at least year after I graduate from Hanover in May.

I arrived in Raleigh, N.C. the night before my interview after having the greatest weekend in Hilton Head, S.C. I was able to catch up with one of my best friends who I met at Hanover during my freshman year. Now, four years out of college, it was weird to think that I am already where she was three years ago. Preparing to graduate and join the real world.

Since she graduated, I have spent every New Year’s Eve here in Raleigh with her, and this time the occasion called for more than just partying into the new year. After a long five-hour drive to North Carolina, we sat up and talked for a while then headed to bed so I could get rest for my big interview the next day.

I woke up Monday morning alive and ready to face the day. I threw on my business attire, gathered my resumes and references and headed out the door. When I finally found my potential employer’s location I walked in with a smile and attempted to display confidence. I sat and waited for 30 minutes before my interview took place, and I guess this threw me off my A game.

When I sat down with the young HR manager for my interview, he asked me questions about my people skills. I butchered these answers stating I didn’t really like kids that much and sometimes people annoy me. What was I thinking right? I walked away unimpressed with my performance convinced that I wouldn’t get a second interview. The rest of day I moped around, channel surfing and laying in bed.

A few hours following my interview, I received a call saying that I had, in fact, received a second interview. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness considering that I thought I had done so horribly just a few hours earlier. Thankfully, I got a second chance, and now I sit here in Raleigh waiting patiently for my second-round interview that will take place this Friday January 3. Wish me luck!

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