Weather warning or winter wonderland?

The ice covering my car Friday morning. Not fun to scrape off.
The ice covering my car Friday morning. Not fun to scrape off.

All last week, the students and faculty of Hanover College have received email after email advising us to stay off the roads and stay safe. While that caused a little bit of worry, it also brought a lot of excitement. Our then somewhat-gray campus was about to turn a beautiful white as the snow began to fall.

Unfortunately, Thursday night wasn’t much more than ice. By mid-morning, the streets were clear enough to get around, but doing so proved a little difficult since there was a good quarter-inch of ice on everyone’s car that had to be scraped off before moving anywhere.

The part that made quite a few people excited though? A lot of classes were cancelled. With road conditions still not ideal, a lot of the professors that don’t live on campus decided the risk wasn’t worth it.

Midnight snowball fight on The Quad.
Midnight snowball fight on The Quad.

That was the start to just an amazing weekend that couldn’t have been timed better. With finals week quickly approaching, everyone was stressed out and looking for some release. That’s why, when the first snow of the year came Friday night and continued through Saturday, Facebook lit up with talk of the annual midnight snowball fight on The Quad.

This was one of my favorite nights last year and was even better this year. I started off the night with a white elephant gift exchange with my Sigma Chi brothers and then waited it out until midnight where we all rushed over to The Quad. To have that many people out there throwing snow, tackling each other and just having fun is always a really cool experience.

That led into Sunday night with the pre-finals midnight breakfast in the Campus Center Dining Room. While it’s not really at midnight (it runs from 9-11 p.m.), how can you turn down free chocolate chip pancakes and hash browns? The bacon, sausage, and biscuits with gravy are all served by professors and administrators. I’ve even seen President Sue DeWine in a hair net and rubber gloves serving the students.

The timing for the breakfast couldn’t have been more perfect, since finals week is rough for a lot of students. A chance to get out of the library or your room is greatly appreciated by many. In a lot of ways it’s these traditions that, in my humble opinion, make Hanover amazing.

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