The stress of FINALS WEEK

While most of us thought our brains couldn’t go into anymore overload after Dead Week, we were wrong. This week is finals week! You thought you had a million things to do last week, and you were stressed out to the max? Think again. I could say a lot about finals week, but I’ll list a few of my top FAVORITE things about it.

My awesome setup in the library during finals week.
My awesome setup in the library during finals week.
  1. A week of torture to your brain.
  2. Biggest exams of the semester crammed into a few short days.
  3. You spend all your time in the library, which means NO SOCIAL LIFE whatsoever.
  4. Sleep is unimportant in comparison to the things you have to get done/things you have to study.
  5. You spend a lot of your time making trips to the nearest gas station to fill up your coffee mug every two hours.
  6. Because of sleep deprivation (from studying for other finals), you get writer’s block when you must write your final essay for your last class of the semester.
  7. You might need a good cry at least once during your finals week, just to keep yourself sane.

Luckily, I finish my finals early Tuesday night, so I don’t have exams the entire week. This is good and bad because I have to cram all of my exams in on Monday and Tuesday, but it’s a relief to get them out of the way.

After my finals are over, and my brain is completely exhausted, I know exactly what type of therapy I’m going to do. I recommend each student to do the same:

  1. Take a nap and DON’T set an alarm; curl up in a ball and sleep all day. You don’t have a care in the world because you just completed your semester.
  2. Eat an actual meal. I’m sure that staying up all day and night will mess up everyone’s meal times, so this time eat actual food not just junk food.
  3. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,  your excitement at finishing finals so friends can be happy for you and/or jealous of you being finished.
  4. Watch a Christmas movie. This is great therapy to get you all hyped up for the upcoming holiday and get your mind off the dreadful exams you have just completed.
  5. There’s no place like home. Go home for the holidays, and get away from school for a bit. Nothing’s better to get your mind off of your anxiety of grades and exams than going home to be with friends and family.

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