Young people are so lazy today

First you have to watch this video: The video is only about three minutes long, but completely worth it.

This video is a good three minutes of my life well spent. Since I am a member of the 20-something generation, and I am often on the short end of this argument, I think this satire does a great job putting things into perspective.

At times, I can see where people may call us out and say that we are lazy. I will agree that my generation has much less face time, we have a need for instant access to everything we do and oftentimes take for granted all the opportunity and things we had the opportunity to do or have while growing up.

This video not only sums up what is often said about our generation, but provides a reasonable counter argument for most of the things that we also currently have to deal with. These problems may not have been present while we were young, like the increase in college tuition over the past 10 years.

That’s something we can’t help, but yet many jobs require a bachelor’s degree to even apply for them (something I am finding out now). So, of course, we are accumulating more debt than some of our parents because the cost of college has skyrocketed along with this new need for a four-year degree.

That’s also something I don’t really understand. According to an article I read in The New York Times, less than 35 percent of Americans have a four-year degree, so why is there such a push for this type of education when less than half of the American population even has a degree.

A lack of a degree does not mean someone isn’t capable, so why is this requirement such a huge deal? Okay now that my rant is over I will return to the original topic of the post which is this satirical video. This video is blunt, well said, and quite comical so its something you should definitely watch, share and discuss. After watching this video I think it just gives us something to think about before we begin to criticize a whole generation.


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