Basketball Madness

FIJI's surprise at the white-out basketball game by getting in the Christmas spirit!
FIJI’s surprise at the white-out basketball game by getting in the Christmas spirit!

Hello readers. Today is quite a day. Quite a day in the fact that this particular Wednesday, Hanover plays Franklin College in basketball — right smack dab in the middle of Dead Week.

What is Dead Week? If you Google “Hanover College Dead Week,” you’ll more than likely find multiple blog posts that will explain the concept further, but in short, it’s the week in which every professor assigns projects, papers and presentations all at once.

However, Dead Week isn’t exactly what I want to talk about this week. Today is the basketball game against Franklin, and it’s quite controversial for two reasons.

1. It’s Franklin, and it’s a HUGE rivalry

2. It’s during Dead Week, so many students may not attend.

I say may not attend because I am writing this post just a couple of hours before the game, so my theory about students not attending may be incorrect. Regardless, it’s going to be a huge game because for the students who DO come to the game, they will all be wearing white because the them is “Whiteout Franklin.”

All the students will yell, scream, cheer and all that good jazz, plus the fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, will have a special little surprise for the student section tonight.

Phi Gamma Delta, also known as FIJI, will arguably be the loudest group of students since they separate themselves in a section, and come up with their own chants and cheers that will echo throughout Collier Arena.

But anyway, the whole reason I’m writing this post is to discuss the rivalry between Franklin and Hanover. Why do we have such a strong hatred for Franklin? I honestly don’t know, but it makes for great fun.

Franklin usually brings fans from their school, and while they have a small section on the opposite side of the arena, it doesn’t really matter because we’re so loud.

Now Hanover may not be Indiana University basketball or Butler University basketball, but the small school cheering and chants that you can actually hear are much more personal. A lot of the time, Hanover students know the opposing teams’ players, since there is a high likelihood they went to the same high school.

It’s always a treat calling out an opposing player and chanting something embarrassing from their high school career that no one in the crowd will understand, but the individual player knows is about him (and ultimately, you hope it rattles him).

For example, a player from the College of Mount St. Joseph went to a rival high school of mine, and in high school, we chanted his Twitter name during games. So when he came to play Hanover last year, we did the same chant that he has probably tried to stray away from after high school.

Ttechnically, we’re not supposed to do this, but in the end, everyone knows it’s just for fun. My friend from Mount St. Joe told me later on that it was hilarious when we chanted his Twitter name, and various other players who are friends with Hanover fans always tell us how hilarious and energetic the crowd is.

All in all, it’s just an awesome atmosphere to be around with all your friends at your side, coming out to cheer for your friends on the team. It’s not Assembly Hall or anything, but the Collier Crazies are just as passionate about their teams as fans of ranked Div. I schools.

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