You Have No Obligation

I recently woke up from my Thanksgiving dinner comatose and had a ton of fleeting thoughts come to mind. I have been so stuck on the question “What am I doing after graduation?” It bothers me daily and as the year progresses and I get closer to graduation the less confident of things I become. I went into this year with a plan of moving to Raleigh after graduation, finding a job and living with my friend Katie.

After attending a Business Scholars Luncheon with Hanover alum Lauren Littlefield my plan was turned on its head. The statement still rings in my ears when I begin to think about my future. “You have no obligation to anyone.” These six words have made all the difference to me as I begin to think about my future. I am single, 21 years old, and I  love my family but I am not like I have to stay close. I have the option of going anywhere in the world once I graduate and start a new life.

This uncertainty scares the crap out of me and trying to flush out my thoughts I only become more worried about what I should do next. Should I stick with my original plan and move to Raleigh or should I continue to explore other options south of me, north of me, in Europe! The opportunities are endless and as much I as I love the idea of being able to do anything or go anywhere it scares and excites me all at the same time.

I mean I had a professor tell me every job or decision you make is a stepping stone and I won’t have to be there forever if I hate it but it still worries me. As these months continue to pass who knows where my mind will wander and where I will end up come May. I just have to remember whatever decision I make should be for me and what I want to do. Not about my set plan of action to calm my nerves or keep me sane but to challenge me and help me become a better version of myself.

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