The classiest tailgate ever

The classiest tailgate ever.
So many great things to eat and drink.

This year, I easily experienced one of the most classy tailgate experiences of my life. I know classy and tailgate aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but there is definitely an exception in this case.

Why do I say this? Because at this tailgate, there wasn’t a tent, there wasn’t a truck, there wasn’t obnoxiously loud music and there wasn’t a grill. Instead, there was a rented four-door Prius (I think), wine, cheese, pistachios, reasonably played random music from the 80s, 90s and now, Bugles! I’m sorry but who doesn’t love Bugles, or salami — the works?

This classy tailgate was brought to the Bell Game with Franklin College by one of my friends parents who came to visit from Minnesota. It was pretty cool how it all happened.

My friend, Hilary, is pretty popular lady on campus, so when her mother and her fiance were around, they were definitely the people to meet. You just wanted to meet this wonderful woman who birthed such an amazing daughter.

My partner in crime for four years

What this tailgate ended up doing was bring together seniors from different sororities, fraternities, friend groups, sport teams, years in school, etc.

It was in the moment when I looked around and saw who I was surrounded with that I realized my time at Hanover is slowly coming to close.

In just a few short months I have to be realistic and know that I will never be around all these people again in my life. We will grow up, move on and only reminisce about the people and experiences we had with all these people in college.

It was on that day that I wanted time to stop. I wanted to be in that moment forever with all of my friends. As much as I say I am ready to leave Hanover (regularly) when May comes around, I’m going to be truly upset when its all over.

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