It’s never too early for the Christmas season

These two ladies understand what I mean.
These two ladies understand what I mean.

I’m sorry, but I have to just say that it is never too early for Christmas music, the Christmas season or the Christmas spirit. Ever since Halloween ended, there has been a huge debate on campus about it being to early for Christmas this or that. “What about thanksgiving?” is also a popular question.

I will argue until I am blue in the face (obviously, a very sarcastic expression) that I think that some people just need to embrace the season year round. Why is it so bad to start Christmas early?

Hmm … the only con that I can think of is that everyone begins searching frantically for a significant other so they can have that kiss under the mistletoe, someone to share Christmas with, and if they are lucky, to ring in the New Year.

For single people like me it can be somewhat depressing, but let’s look past those cons.

Now, let me start with my pros:

  • Although Christmas can be one of the most superficial holidays when people are thinking only about finding the perfect gift, but at least they are thinking about people other than themselves. This may not happen too often for some of them.
  • People (from my experience, anyway) are much happier during the Christmas season; it’s a time after Thanksgiving where you get a chance to be thankful and spend time with your family.
  • Some people are also way more gracious with their money and their time. There’s a lot of spare change that people rack up  for the Salvation Army, all the soup kitchens and other donations just from standing outside Walmart.

Something Panhellenic and IFC (the two governing bodies of the men’s and women’s Greek community) are doing this year is “Shoeboxes at The Shoebox” (the on-campus, pub-like dining).

They hope to encourage the campus community to donate one shoebox that will contain all the goodies a boy or girl could want. These are going to local kids in the community as a present for the holiday season. I mean how cool is that? These broke college students are coming together during the Christmas season to donate to others even less fortunate.

Sure, it may be something we do year round with service being a strong value of the Greek community, but to get other people on campus excited about philanthropy is pretty awesome. So, I will say it now, and I will say it again — it’s never too early for the Christmas season.

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