An unexpected gift

Want to know what this is? Read the post and find out.
Want to know what these pants are all about? Read on …

Ok, Ok, let me tell you the story about the pants in the picture.

This Wednesday afternoon, I went back to my room and found this pair of jeans on my bed. Since I’ve never seen this pair of jeans before, so I just assumed they belonged to my roommate. However, when I went back to my room at night, they were on my bed again with a note.

Guess what? They are from one of my friend’s grandmothers. Yes, MY FRIEND’S GRANDMA BOUGHT ME JEANS.

I’ve only met my friend’s grandma once and talked to her for no more than five minutes. But she has sent me cards during every single holiday (sometimes at other times, too). She would also draw very cute pictures for me. In return, I wrote her long letters and made her all kinds of origami

When you go to a new place, being away from the environment you are familiar with, you are always afraid that you might not be able to fit in. But at Hanover, I don’t ever feel this way.

Yes, I do adjust to new things very quickly. But people here at Hanover College make me feel being so supported and loved. Even someone’s grandma who lives two hours away is worried about whether I have a place to stay during breaks or whether other people treat me well.

You may think I am exaggerating, but I am just telling the truth. Hanover is a magical place. Everyone who comes here is so thoughtful and friendly.

I always hold the idea that when you are choosing a school, the academics are not the most important part. The environment, the people who you interact with are the key points. Because college is not just simply a place where you study, you basically live there and spend most of your time there.

Therefore, I am absolutely not just talking about a pair of wrong size black jeans here.

I am talking about love, the thing that makes life so much easier.

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