Finding Where You Fit

My girlfriend and I met during August Experience and life hasn't been the same since.
My girlfriend and I met during August Experience, and life hasn’t been the same since.

I’ve never really written about this before, but for so many people at Hanover it’s a major part of their lives. That’s right, I’m talking about friendships and relationships.

I’d love to say college is all about studying and résumé building, but that would be a lie. There is always that personal side to life in college when you’re done with classes. While some people come into college still together with their high school sweetheart, many people arrive looking for a clean slate and a brand new group of friends.

Luckily, Hanover provides the perfect environment for just that.

Hanover begins this process with August Experience. During August Experience, you meet a ton of people in a very short amount of time, and some of the people you meet will be your best friends for the rest of your time here.

During that first week, my friends were decided largely by the people I ate lunch and dinner with, one of whom is one of my roommates this year. There’s also your group you’re placed in for the first year known as your PA group. That’s actually where I met my current girlfriend of more than a year.

There are always other places to find friends. Classes are one, but largely extra curriculars play a huge role in finding where you fit in on campus. Many of my closest friends are from the theatre department or my fraternity.

Other people find their friends in sports, clubs or other organizations. The magic of college life is that there is a place for everyone, it just may take a little time to find where that is.

It is also important to remember to not put your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend in front of school work, though. I’m sure everyone’s heard it from their parents, but you are at school to study first and foremost.

If you can find the balance between work and play you’re in good company here at Hanover, and if not, we can always help you 0ut.

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