Dropping the winning banner

Alumni games, men’s basketball games, football games, soccer games and volleyball games — who could complain about boredom at Hanover College? This weekend was packed full of Hanover College athletic events. Although the games consisted of both wins and losses, it was exciting to see theHanover women’s soccer team pull out a conference championship.

It was a proud day to be a panther this weekend with this championship win and the football team pulling out for all the prospective panthers to watch.

The women’s basketball team was in action this weekend as well. The annual alumni scrimmage took place in the Collier Arena. When you think alumni, you might think of middle-aged people who can’t quite make it up and down the court, but that’s not what we dealt with this weekend. The alumni in this scrimmage consisted of  5’6” to 6’1” women, 20-30 years-old, who were in great shape. We had some tough competition.

The Hanover Women's Basketball team dropping the Conference Championship banner this weekend.
The Hanover women’s basketball team dropping the 2012-2013 Conference Championship banner this weekend.

Not only did we have a fun and competition at the alumni game, but we also were able to display the Hanover women’s basketball banner in the Collier Arena. Last season, Hanover women’s basketball team won the conference championship and moved onto the NCAA Division III tournament.

Watching the banner drop gave a great feeling of accomplishment to the players, coaches, parents and fans and pride for our college.

When I first came to Hanover and decided to play basketball, I thought it was going to be difficult to see my teammates and coaches as a family.  As I’ve been through many experiences, whether it be the ups of our season or the downs, we have stuck together.

Our coaches treat us like their own children, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. After we dropped the banner and played the alumni game, our teammates, coaches and families hosted a tailgate party.

It’s awesome that our coaches want to get to know the players and their families on a personal level. Even though I maybe away from home, I feel like I have my own little family with my teammates and coaches here at Hanover.

I am grateful for this relationship and hope the camaraderie of our team carries on through the season.

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