My semester winds down and I tense up

As the end of the semester approaches, my stress couldn’t be much higher. I mentioned a few posts back that I’m going through some rough stuff, but I’m doing my best to de-stress at every opportunity. How? I try to employ as many methods as possible.

Volleyball: Two days each week, a bunch of friends and I go to the Horner Center and set up the volleyball net to get as many spikes in as we can. Until recently, we just played outside, where we didn’t have to set up a net ourselves, but since it’s gotten colder we’ve had to move inside. Unless something strange happens, and we all break our legs, I think we are planning on making an intramural team and kicking some serious butt.

Music: There’s something uniquely therapeutic about playing music. As often as I can, I take my guitar out to the chapel late at night. The acoustics of a building specifically meant to carry the sound of singing provide some of the most calming time I can find on this campus, especially as finals wait just around the corner.

They'll never see me coming.
They’ll never see me coming.

Assassins: No, I’m not actually trying to kill anyone, but at my fraternity house we play a game each semester called “Assassins.” The premise behind this game is to kill your target by doing some sort of task given to you by the game moderator.

Each player gets assigned a target and a method to eliminate them, and when you eliminate your target you assume the contract that they were given. The tasks range from getting the person to say a certain phrase to getting them to go with you to a certain place off-campus.

It’s hard to describe the fun you can have from making someone paranoid by convincing them you’re after them.

Counseling services: It took a while to convince me, but my roommate and girlfriend have finally talked me in to just going to our school’s counseling services. Apparently, they’re really good at what they do (which I’m still skeptical of) so I hope that I can find an answer to what’s been floating around inside my head. Here’s to hoping I’m not crazy.

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