Marriage isn’t for you

Marriage isn’t for you: Recently I came across this blog on my facebook news feed. In summary, the blog talks about how being married isn’t about you but about the person you want to marry.

My sisters after Run Day
My sisters after Run Day.

I enjoyed the content of the post and it really made me start to think about how this applies to my life. I am by no means thinking about marriage, but for me it related back to my sisterhood.

The other night we had a discussion about our chapter, and as I listened to everyone talk about one thing or another, I realized that being an affiliated woman really has become so much more about my sisters than about me.

My sisters are always there to hold me accountable, listen when I am upset and love me unconditionally. As I read through the blog mentioned above, I noticed the similarities between the covenant of marriage and the promise I made to my sisters when I was initiated.

It wasn’t quite to have and to hold until death do us part, but there was an understanding that you share this bond with your sisters for a lifetime. Through good times and bad times, your sisters are there for you as a shoulder to lean on, a friend to wipe your tears away and an open heart.

This certainly isn’t as eloquent as your traditional marriage ceremony, but content-wise the promises are what matter the most.  With that being said, I’ll leave you with this: being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta isn’t for me, it’s for my sisters.

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