Getting to See Old Friends

I love all the people here at Hanover, but I miss my friends from high school as well.

Two of my best friends from soccer. Mandy (on left), myself, and Zoe (on right).
Two of my best friends from soccer. Mandy (left), myself and Zoe (right).

This past weekend, I got to see a lot of my friends from high school at the Kentucky State Soccer Championships. If you did not already know my loves are track and soccer. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to make it to the State Championship finals two years in a row, during my junior and senior years.

This year, the soccer team from my high school made it, again, to the State Championship finals, which took place this past Saturday night.

I had a dilemma, though. I had to decide whether to go to the finals to watch my old team, or to go to this huge party held here at the Phi Gamma Theta fraternity house, aka FIJI. I had a boxing match inside my head about what choice I should make.

I felt like I should stay at Hanover for the party because I already have missed out on a lot of things, but I also felt like I needed to go watch this game because those girls were my second family in high school.

My mom told me to stay at Hanover for the party because she didn’t want me to miss out, and I thought she was right.

Well, you know, girls being all moody and indecisive, I woke up Saturday in the worst mood. I had this feeling that I would have regretted not going to see the game that night. This year’s soccer team was extremely talented, and a great group of girls; I knew I couldn’t miss it. They were and still are part of my family.

So, like usual, deciding things at the last minute, I decided to go to the game and try to make it back for the party later that night.

MVP! Nicole (on left), Libby the MVP (on my closest left), and Jamie (on right)
MVP! Nicole (left), Libby, the MVP (to my closest left) and Jamie (right)

When I got to the game, I saw so many of my high school friends, and I saw one of my best friends that I hadn’t seen in two months.

All my friends sat and cheered together while the Pandas (my high school) played the best game I have ever seen them play. They scored within the first three minutes of the game, scaring their opponent.

The Pandas were favored to lose this game, but being the bosses that they are, they came out with a two-to-zero victory.

I was, and still am, so proud of the girls. They truly deserved that state title because people (like my team from last year) believed they wouldn’t make it past regionals. Boy, did they show everyone wrong.

I made the right decision of going to that game even though I missed out on the party. I knew I made the right choice when I snuck into the locker room before the game and talked to the girls on the team, giving them hugs and screaming a couple words that aren’t appropriate for this blog.

Congratulations to the Notre Dame Academy State Champions of 2013! Also, congratulations to the women’s soccer team here at Hanover for their win and conference title.

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