Fall for Hanover

I have class at Classic Hall every day at 8 a.m. This is what wakes me up. Rain makes fall even prettier.
I have class at Classic Hall every day at 8 a.m. This is what wakes me up. Rain makes fall even prettier.

Just about a week ago, I was complaining to my friends about how it seems this fall is not as pretty as last year.

I still remember my first fall here at Hanover College. All the colorful leaves just amazed me so much (Especially for someone who used to live in Texas where everything is gray). If you ever want to come visit the campus, please come during fall. I am confident that you will fall for it immediately.

However, I realized that I was just not patient enough. The fall came a little bit late this year, but fortunately, it finally came. No matter how many times I’ve seen the lovely scenes, I still cannot help taking out my camera and record that very moment. It is just too pretty to be real (Go to the Hanover gallery to check out more awesome pictures of campus).

In China, we have 24 solar terms (they are used by lunisolar calendars to stay synchronized with the seasons, which was crucial for agrarian societies back then). According to the calender, this Thursday was the start of winter. I just could not believe that time went by so fast. It feels like I just came back from China after the summer. And now Thanksgiving is approaching.

I only make pretty dumplings.
I only make pretty dumplings.

We have a tradition that if you eat dumplings on the day winter starts, your winter will be more bearable. So in order to have a warm winter, our international students adviser, Guyu, who just graduated from Hanover College last year and is one of my closest friends, invited some Chinese students to her house to make dumplings.

I was told that she would make the dumplings for us. But it turned out that I did most of the cooking, and I also cleaned her room and kitchen for her (she did cook some traditional noodles for us at the end, though, haha).

Anyway, I am glad we all enjoyed those crazy cuisines.

It’s getting cold. Let’s all stay warm.

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