It’s like heaven on earth

The Point at Hanover College overlooking the Ohio River
The Point at Hanover College overlooking the Ohio River

One of the best things about Hanover is the scenery here.

Since it’s fall, all the color on the leaves are changing, which makes Hanover ten times prettier. I didn’t even know that was possible to be quite honest with you all.

When I came here last year on a college visit I didn’t want to come at all. I thought the size was too small, the campus was too small, and the athletics were too small. I was being a baby because I thought I had my college choice planned out and ready to go, but my parents wanted me to visit Hanover just to see.

On the ride to Hanover, for my visit, I kept complaining, “I’m not going to go here, so I don’t even know why we are going on a college visit here.”

My parents just kept saying, “Give it a chance Katy, you will see.”

You should know something about me, I love the outdoors. I am a country girl not a city girl.

What I walk out to leaving from my dorm, Donner
What I walk out to leaving from my dorm, Donner

I remember when we turned down scenic drive my attitude completely changed. The drive in reminded me of when I was younger and would go camping, I absolutely loved it. My mom started laughing at me because I was like a little kid receiving candy for the first time.

I was just in love with this entrance so I knew that I was about to see one beautiful college, which was true.

I did end up falling in love with the scenery here, and look — my parents were right, like always.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go on a long run through campus. I have a certain route I go every single time, and toward the end of the run I sit on a bench by The Point, look out at the view of the river and think about life.

It’s my me time.

Hanover wouldn’t be the same place if it wasn’t so beautiful. Everyone talks about how pretty it is here even if it is rainy and dreary outside. There is no other college out there like here. The scenery makes Hanover feel like home.

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