Halloween in the middle of the week = two Halloween party weekends!

Hello, my peeps!

Yet again, this past weekend was quite eventful at Hanover, and since it was a social event (I don’t want to bore you with telling my daily studying habits), I guess I’ll tell you about it.

Since Halloween falls in the in the middle of the week this year (normally, it appears like it lands on a weekend), that means two things:

1) If you still go trick or treating at this age, sorry, but it’s on a school night

2) The college world doesn’t know which weekend is the better Halloween weekend, so the one before AND after Halloween are Halloween weekends!

If this is confusing, let me elaborate. Halloween is on a Thursday this year. This past weekend, Oct. 25-27, there was a Halloween party hosted by our very own, President Sue DeWine. From 9-11 p.m., Hanover students and employees dressed up in their best costumes, mingled, ate food, listened to a band and had a costume contest.

I think about 99 percent of the student body went to the party, and everyone looked hilarious/awesome/scary/everything. I saw Batman, a shark, Miley Cyrus and multiple other costumes.

What was I you ask? You’re not asking? Well, I’ll tell you anyway.

I went as our very own baseball coach, Coach Shayne Stock. If you’ve read my bio, I’m a former baseball player here, so Coach Stock and I have had some good times together. Anyway, my costume (I felt like) was pretty legit.

You can see from my picture to the right that I came decently close to what he looks like. Some students didn’t know who I was because baseball season hasn’t started yet, but every baseball player and staff member immediately knew who I was and got a real kick out it.

Other students dressed up as staff members as well. One student dressed up as Matt Deeg, the Greek advisor, and everyone thought it was Matt at first.

Me (on the left) dressed as Coach Stock (on the right)
Me (on the left) dressed as Coach Stock (on the right)

Now that’s the first party of Halloween. This upcoming weekend is the second half. Phi Delta Theta, a fraternity here on campus, hosts a Halloween party every year.

Unfortunately, there are only so many people fraternities may have in their house at one time due to fire safety hazards/rules/etc. So Phi Delt is only allowed to have a certain amount come to their party.

To keep the house under control, fraternities send out party list invitations that only allow a certain amount of people to come over. The list usually gets the majority of Hanover students who would like to attend, but this is a perfect weekend regardless of whether you get on the list or not.

Phi Delt’s Halloween party is one of the biggest on campus, but due to the safety hazards some students don’t get on the list. Normally what happens, if a student does not get on the list, it gives them an opportunity to visit friends at a different college (specifically a Division I school).

For example, this weekend I will be going to visit a few of my friends at the University of Cincinnati to experience a different type of atmosphere. From what my friends have told me, UC is a big party school, and the academics aren’t as rough as they are at Hanover.

So finally, I’ll be able to get away from a hard week of studying to go to a party/parties that have double or triple the amount of Hanover students alone.

As cool as this sounds, it may get hectic, which is why I love Hanover so much. The University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, Ball State University and all those other big schools may have big parties, but I know very few people at each.

My friends who attend these schools usually just hang out with friends they went to high school with. Hanover may be smaller and the parties may be at a smaller scale, but I know every single person at the party. And 300 people may not sound impressive at a big school, but most Hanover parties, I could name all 300 people, which is pretty cool.

And that’s how it is. Everyone at Hanover knows everyone. Everybody gets along and enjoys seeing each other during the night life. Fraternities may only have a limited amount of people they are allowed to let in, but that just gives you an opportunity to see what other schools are like. Personally, I’d take Hanover over any big school any day. I love it here.

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