I hope I never forget

As I look through my photos on my phone I realize that just four months ago I was half way around the world. I was living and working in Izmir, Turkey, and now I find myself back in Hanover, Ind.

When I close my eyes after looking at these pictures, I am immediately taken back to that moment in time. One moment that sticks out to me most was of the last boat trips we took when we traveled to Fethiye, Turkey, which is on the Aegean Sea.

Fethiye is considered to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, and on our last day there, we went on a six-hour boat trip called the 12 islands. Each stop had unbelievable views and clear blue water to gaze at as we sailed under the afternoon sun. Having friends there made the trip 10 times better because we could laugh and joke together.

2013-08-05 19.08.01
Sunset on the boardwalk in Fethiye

Now that I am back in the bubble of classes, all nighters, club meetings and experiencing the four seasons in one day, I sometimes start to forget about this experience. The way I felt, the sounds, the smells, the people; overall, I am slowly starting to forget what that experience meant to me.

Working at Space Camp Turkey has been the highlight of my 21 years of life by far, and I hope I never forget the impact it had on me as a person. I never want to forget the places I saw or the people I met or the way that experience made me feel.

It was definitely a life changing experience that I wouldn’t take back for anything.

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