Happy Halloween

Diane is on the left, I am in the middle, and Mallory is on the right
Diane is on the left, I am in the middle, and Mallory is on the right

This past weekend, Hanover‘s president hosted a Halloween party for the students. To my surprise, it was actually a lot of fun.

Two of my friends, Diane and Mallory, and I decided to be the “Three Blind Mice.” We wore a white v-necks with black leggings and converse shoes. We made mouse ears, which was actually quite complicated. I struggled hard.

Also, we drew whiskers and a nose on our faces and wore dark shades. The best part of our outfit was our sticks. Diane bought three curtain rods and covered them in black duck tape.

At the party, I was the leader, Diane was behind me, and Mallory was behind Diane, and what we would do is I would lead them using our sticks acting like we could not see anything or anyone.

People got quite the kick out of our outfit. I don’t think we have ever received so many compliments in one night. Actually, we made it into the group finalist for the group costume contest.

Track friends, Erika (Cleopatra) and I
Track friends, Erika (Cleopatra) and I

Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but that was okay. The winners were hilarious, and their outfit was adorable. Don’t be surprised my memory is not good, I can’t remember what the winner’s costume was. Sorry for letting you all down.

I do remember other people’s outfits, though. One, in particular, that stood out to me was there was a group of bananas, and behind them there was a zoo keeper holding onto a gorilla with a rope. They had the best entrance out of anyone. The zoo keeper let the gorilla lose and all the bananas ran away. It may not sound funny here, but this may be one of those “you had to be there in person” kind of things.

This night was one of the best I have had here at Hanover in a while. It’s been a stressful month, and I just let all my worries go that night. It was nice to not think about school or anything else for a while. Sometimes you need those nights where you just drop everything and have fun. So thank you to the president for hosting this party, it truly was fun.

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