Hanover’s Halloween party

Halloween has to be one of my favorite American festivals. I still remember my first Halloween while I was in San Antonio, Texas. I got so crazy about all the Halloween decorations, costumes and trick-or-treat (Even though I don’t like candy, I like to compete with kids on who gets the most. I can get pretty wild during an Easter egg hunt, haha).

Due to the fact that my roommate takes every festival very seriously, I can never let my passion for Halloween drop down. My roommate even started to draw pumpkins and ghosts on the whiteboard outside of our door three weeks before Halloween.

Here at Hanover, every year, President Sue DeWine  hosts a Halloween party at her house (they moved it to the Withrow Student Activity Center this year due to the cold weather). There are snacks, hot drinks, a live band and most importantly, a COSTUME COMPETITION. You also get to have your picture taken by a professional photographer. It is amazing how creative people are with their costumes.

I have to admit that we have the coolest president ever. Normally, in other schools, you hardly see the president. But you can see our president EVERYWHERE — choir concerts, talent show, football game or on a golf cart. She might just sit next to you during lunch in the main dining hall. That’s the main reason why I love Hanover. Everyone is so close to each other.

My roommate and me last year. I guess we kind of matched each other.
My roommate and I last year. I guess we kind of matched each other.

However, unfortunately, I didn’t make to the Halloween party this year, even though I had a great idea on who I would be — a corpse bride. It was all because I had four exams last week and three of them were on Friday.

I don’t know how all my professors managed to do this, but all my tests just happened to be on the same week and same day (A piece of friendly advice: always go talk to your professors and ask them whether you can reschedule your exam. That will seriously save your life).

Anyway, my body just gave up on me after my last exam on Friday, and I was unable to be awake for a very long time due to a horrible headache, which means I SLEPT THROUGH THE HALLOWEEN PARTY. I was very upset when I saw all the pictures my friends posted online.

Therefore, I can only show you guys a picture from last year. Sorry about being lame. I promise I will do better next year.

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