Halloween season!

Tis the season of scaring yourself, cavities and dressing up like someone you aren’t for a couple days. As you get older, the intrigue of getting scared kind of loses its appeal, so you find new ways to celebrate good ole Halloween.

My friends and I started scary movie Tuesdays where we all get together at around 10 p.m. and watch scary movies. Give or take the homework load for the week, about five of us attend each time.

The first movie we watched was “Insidious,” and needless to say, I spent most of my time covering my eyes with my blanket and making jokes so I wouldn’t be half as scared. When the movie was over, I began scrolling through my Twitter feed only to find complaints about the screaming throughout the movie — oops!

The best part of the month has easily been the Halloween Haunt that some friends and I attended at Kings Island with Omnibus. Omnibus is an organization at Hanover that’s kind of like a pay-to-play organization. They set up several trips throughout the year that students have voted for and pay a full or a partial amount of the trip’s cost.

For this trip to Kings Island, Omnibus paid for our entry into the park and provided a ride. On Friday after at 4 p.m., we met in front of the Campus Center and hopped into our little white vans with Hanover College stamped on the side and headed to Cincinnati.

With our DJ in the front seat, we jammed out for the first part of the trip with a little conversation, but the closer we got the more excited we became and more conversation ensued.

The very scary kind of attractive man

As we drove through the city, we were inevitably held up by a wreck for about 20 minutes when we were only 15 miles out. And my bladder wasn’t happy with me, along with a few others in the van, so we also stopped right before we reached our destination.

When we left the gas station, refreshed and ready, we finished our trip, paid our parking fee and headed to the park. The sun dipped below the horizon and people began to flood the park.

As we stepped in, I was immediately scared by man with rattle and black and white face paint. He later agreed to take a picture and told us to hashtag Kings Island on Instagram, so after that instance I was much less afraid.

We were free in the park for three hours: we rode several roller coasters and ventured into a couple of haunted houses. When we finally left at 10 p.m., I couldn’t feel my feet, fingers, nose or ears because of how cold it was, but I embraced the cold weather and ended up having a really good time!

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