Do you want to know how Homecoming went? Do ya?

DJ Akib and the Hanover crowd: pretty wild.
DJ Akib and the Hanover crowd: pretty wild.

Hello again, everyone.

Well, it’s been a week, and I know you have all been anxiously been waiting to hear how Homecoming went this past weekend. It went well. Very well.

We’ll start off with Friday since I actually have pictures of Friday. I got out of class around 3 p.m. and went to The Quad to help set up the stage, sound system and fencing for the DJ that night (because I’m on CAB and help put the event together, in case you forgot).

After the setup, DJ Akib rolled in with his gelled hair and party/business casual/club attire and was incredibly friendly to all of us (CAB). He introduced himself, asked us if we were excited and told us everything he had planned. After DJ Akib was all settled in, we got our bright, neon, Play Mobil style security jackets that we wore throughout the concert so when we kicked people out (even though we didn’t), it would look legit.

After all the boring stuff was done, we all went to dinner to load up before the seven-hour event ahead of us. All of us were pretty tired and honestly, a little sad knowing we still had hours of work ahead of us, but Alex Peck, a junior and head of our security, was able to keep us laughing and cheerful.

Junior Alex Peck-head of security-keeping CAB entertained in the weirdest ways possible
Junior Alex Peck-head of security-keeping CAB entertained in the weirdest ways possible

Alright, alright, enough of this. Fast forward to about 8:30-9 p.m., and the DJ is underway and BUMPING. People are slowly starting to come in, little by little, which really surprised me. I had expected everyone to come as a huge group, but regardless, it was crazy.

As the night progressed, more and more people showed up and DJ Akib really got everyone into it! He threw out light up glowsticks, had a crazy light show, mist, two glow-in-the-dark hula hoop girls and his own height man (who could probably have been used a little less).

Everyone was dancing, cheering, yelling, laughing, talking to friends, hitting two giant beach balls and just overall having a blast. All in all, even though I was working security, and it was a little cold out, I had a fantastic time just watching everyone else having fun!

Me about 30 minutes before the event started with one of the glowsticks from DJ Akib-oh, and the moon in the background chillin'
Me about 30 minutes before the event started with one of the glowsticks from DJ Akib; oh, and the moon in the background chillin’

Now sadly, I only have pictures from Friday night and never really thought to take any Saturday. But to keep it simple, I SAW EVERYONE SATURDAY!

And when I say everyone, I mean alumni, my parents, the parents’ friends, professors, coaches and essentially the entire Hanover community. It was awesome!

Saturday was cold and rainy as well, but there were tons of tents and cars out in the tailgate parking lot, people were cooking chicken, BBQ, ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs and had desserts like chocolate cookies, cake, brownies — just everything.

The Homecoming tailgate really shows how friendly the Hanover community is. Different fraternities and sororities went to each other’s tents, parents met other parents, and professors mingled as non-professors.

Oh yeah, and I think the football team won 41-0, but a lot of my friends and I spent our time in the parking lot. But anyway, it was an overall good day for everyone at Hanover.

Heck, what am I saying, the whole WEEKEND was spectacular! It was definitely a solid way to end my senior year Homecoming.

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