Lost in Louisville

Being here at Hanover, things can get boring if you stay on campus for too long. So one Tuesday, I decided to have a ladies day with myself in Louisville, Ky. I had a hair appointment and drove up early to go shopping before my appointment.

I drove to Louisville alone — this was my first mistake. On the way there, I was completely fine. I had my directions to where I needed to go, and I tried to pinpoint the exact location for my appointment beforehand, but I got lost.

While I was lost, I did happen to run into a Plato’s Closet. This place is easily one of my favorite stores because living on a college budget, it can sometimes be hard to find nice reliable clothes. I left Plato’s with five shirts and spent less than $25. I was really proud of myself and ready to face the world to look once again for the location of the salon.

Map of Hanover, Ind.

Unfortunately, I got lost again, but this time I ran into a Chick-fil-A. Not having a Chick-fil-A anywhere around Hanover I convinced myself that when you make a wrong turn and see a Chick-fil-A, you go to Chick-fil-A no questions asked.

So I went through the drive-through and got some food from that lovely restaurant and parked in the back parking lot of Target while I enjoyed my meal.

I ended up calling my hair stylist and asked her for directions. She kindly met me where I was at led me straight to my destination. It was so close to me that I felt dumb for not seeing it earlier.

It was when I left that I really had problems. I started to head back to Hanover from Louisville, and again, I got lost. I am directionally challenged and getting lost is just something I do even after three years of living here.

When I returned to Hanover, I realized I had added about 30 minutes to what should be an hour trip. It was a ridiculous trip, and I was so happy when I finally got back to campus. Never again will I go to Louisville alone,  but I will say I did have quite the adventure traveling around the city.

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